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About the Tahoe Driving Academy

Owner John Gómez, "Johnny G", has always had a Mission Statement in life.  

"To have as much fun in life as possible,

and make sure everyone else has just as much fun."

For those who know Johnny, everything he does is about about adventure and having fun.  A few mis-adventures here and there, but still, always about having fun.  After he retired in 2016, he made a commitment to himself to focus on Giving Back.  He has since organized numerous charity events generating donations for worthwhile causes such as the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe, the Lake Tahoe Valley Fire Department, the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Center, and the Happily Ever After League.  

When his 16-year-old son needed driving lessons this year, he found out South Tahoe High no longer offered Driver's Education and there were no local driving schools in South Lake Tahoe.  Immediately he thought that this could be a great way to Give Back to our community by offering local driving lessons focusing on winter driving skills.  Add his passion for off-roading, and it was then that the Lake Tahoe Driving Academy was born!

First Time Driver's License
Johnny works through EZ Way Driving School based out Auburn, CA. He specifically chose EZ Way based on reputation, revews, and pricing.  After extensive behind-the-wheel training and a very exhaustive exam, Johnny earned his CA DMV Instructor License and is now accepting new drivers including adults.

EZ Way Driving

Off-roading Skills
Johnny has been teaching off-roading skills for years.  He has ventured on nearly every off-road trail in Lake Tahoe area including the infamous Rubicon Trail.  His love for getting off the pavement is only exceeded by his love to share some of his favorite places.  If you have a 4WD, put that to use and get out an enjoy the Lake Tahoe outdoors.

Jeep Wrangler TJ

Roadside Self Assistance
Over the past 46 years, Johnny has been tinkering with his cars and was a part-time mechanic at Goodyear in college.  He is familiar with cars and sees the need to help many drivers who have no idea what to do when their car breaks down on the road.  He has also realized how many of those breakdowns was due to a lack of routine maintenance by owners.  His goal is to give people a basic knowledge of how cars work and how to troubleshoot them in the event of an emergency.  Roadside service is great, but waiting hours for them to send someone out is not only frustrating, it is often not safe at night.

C6 Corvette
Jeep Gladiator
Mercedez Benz Sprinter RV

Come join the Tahoe Driving Academy and enjoy your ride.  The journey is often as fun as the destination!

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