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Basic Vehicle Maintenance 101

Enroll in one of our workshops to learn how to care for your vehicle and maximize it's life and minimize the chance of on the road failure.

Not everything goes as planned. When a vehicle stops running, many call their roadside service.  And that is fine, IF you want to wait hours on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.  At night, it can be especially scary.  

This course is not about repairing your car.  It is about learning how to troubleshoot your vehicle and decide if you can fix the issue on the spot, such as jumping a battery, or request towing to a shop.

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Next workshop scheduled for March 02, 2024
Details coming soon

Basic Vehicle Maintenance Workshop 101 covers:

  • The basics of how your vehicle works.

  • How to maintain your vehicle.

  • Roadside Self-assistance:

    • How to safely jump a dead battery. 

    • Change your flat tire.

    • What to do when your car overheats

    • Understand Check Engine Lights. When to stop immediately and when to safely drive to a mechanic.

    • Safety Kits. What should you keep in the trunk or back for emergencies?

    • Much more!

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