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Group Off-road Instruction and Adventures

This group course is designed for drivers who have never been off-road or those looking to move from dirt trails to menuevering rocks and boulders.

We focus on ensuring you fully understand the features and capabilities of your personal off-road 4x4 vehicle. We will then lead you through a variety of natural obstacles to make sure you understand how to "pick a line", get out of a jam, and to spot others through difficult trails.  The course differs from the private course in that what we do is dictated by group consensus and the capabilities of the least equipped vehicle.

group shot-Crater Lake 2011.jpg

The group instruction includes 2.5 hours of instruction and then you are free to spend the rest of the day practicing your newfound skills individually or with new friends, which we highly encourage!  Meeting new off-road friends makes it more fun.


We do not charge extra for passengers so feel free to fill up your vehicle with as many thrill seekers as you like.

Use our Jeep Rubicon! - Add $225.00

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