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Product Reviews

This page are MY OPINIONS on the best products for your vehicle. 

I have done extensive research and I feel these products are the best value for the money.
Use my advice at your discretion. No guarantees these are the best products for your specific needs.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

This in no way influenced my recommendations in any possible manner.

Emergency Roadside Kits

Be prepared!  Having emergency kits can not only make a bad situation better, it can also save you or your family's lives.  I have not found one single pre-packaged kit that has all the necessary products, skips the unnecessary, and not skimp on the quality.  So the following list is my suggestion to order and keep in each of your cars.  Some of the more expensive items, such as a battery jumper, could be kept in the most important car, and shared as needed.  Items are ranked in order of importance as determined by life in Lake Tahoe.

  • Jumper cablesA pair should be in every vehicle.  Batteries are the first to go in cold temperatures.  Nothing smaller than 6 gauge with 4-gauge preferred. (Smaller gauge = bigger cables) Be sure to pay attention to the order you connect the batteries. 

    • Energizer Cables. Excellent value for the money with several options to upgrade.

  • Battery Jump Starters - Instead of depending on another vehicle's battery to jump you, jump starters are portable batteries to self jump when alone.  Cheap jumpers will not hold a charge while in your kit and they will not generate enough current to jump your car.  An extra $25 is well the peace of mind when you are stranded.

    • Avapow 2,000 amp. Best for large engines (8L gasoline and 6.5L diesel) Lasts 9 months without having to recharge. USB charger for dead phones too.

    • NOCO GB40.  Excellent brand offering other models for larger or smaller engines.  This is great for 6L gas or 3L diesel.

  • Tow Strap - Rarely included on an emergency kit, but up in the mountains, this is mandatory for when you slide into a snowbank!​  Be sure you know where to attach the strap and shackle so you don't do more damage. NO, your bumper is not the best place to attach a strap!

  • Shovel - A regular snow shovel is best, but keeping one that big in your car can be annoying.  So if you don't keep a snow shovel in your car, here is the next best thing.  But I do recommend having a real snow shovel in every car.​

    • Aonlskh Survival. I love this shovel due to it having so many features in such a compact size. Think McGiver! Shovel, hammer, fire starter, bottle opener, saw, flashlight compass, and whistle.​

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